I am Mke and I am the Minspeaker.

Born in September 1993, I have grown up with cerebral palsy. Thanks to assistive technology and a wonderful support network, I lead a relatively similar life to anybody my age.

Communication has always been an important part of my life. Due to my cerebral palsy, I am unable to speak clearly enough to be understood. Consequently, I use a communication device. Between 2012 and 2018, I attended Massey University where I somewhat ironically completed a Bachelor of Communications and a Master of Business Studies, majoring in Communication Management.  

My passions include sailing, watching TV, listening to audiobooks and playing on my iPad. I also enjoy promoting effective communication, whether it be in a workplace or encouraging people to use A.A.C.

Every life is punctuated by experiences, triumphs and challenges. Some people argue those with disabilities experience greater triumphs and challenges. All I know is I have had many experiences, triumphs and challenges, I may not have had, if I was not disabled. I hope this website allows you and other people the opportunity to learn from my experiences, triumphs and challenges.