Awards and Scholarships:                                 

  • ISAAC Outstanding Consumer Lecture Award (2018)
    I was privileged to be selected to present the Outstanding Consumer Lecture at the bi-annual conference for the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. You can find my lecture here.

  • Hillary Foods - Hillary Summary Shout Out Grant (2017)
    I was one of three people who received a grant from Hillary Foods. As the purpose of this grant to help with the cost of an adventure or a new experience, I used this grant to ski at the Cardrona Alpine Resort.

  • Cerebral Palsy Society Academic Grant (2013)
    I was one of four people who received an academic grant from the Cerebral Palsy Society. This grant paid for some of my university papers.

  • Ian Campbell Scholarship Recipient (2012)
    The Wellington Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Trust offers the Ian Campbell Scholarship. The Ian Campbell Scholarship is for people with physical disability who wish to study at tertiary level or for people who wish to study in the area of disability. I was one of two recipients that year and the scholarship paid for my first two semesters at university.

  • Quota International Community Champion Award Runner-Up (2011)
    Quota International was the first international service organization for women. They support disadvantaged women and children. I was nominated by a teacher because my positive and caring attitude towards others.

  • Attitude Person of the Year Winner (2009)
    The attitude awards are a celebration of the achievements of New Zealanders, who are living with impairments. The attitude team decided to give me an award because they were amazed by my independence and positive attitude.

*Please note these honours were awarded to me, either using variants of my birth name Mackenzie Kench or variants of my new legal name Mke Ninces.