Frequently Asked Questions

What is A.A.C?

A.A.C or AAC stands for augmentative and alternative communication. The term A.A.C refers to any communication methods, used by people, with impairments, to write or/and speak.

What communication device are you currently using?

I am using a 2016 Accent 1400 from the Prentke Romich Company.

Why are you called the Minspeaker?

At four years of age, I was given an Alphatalker. The Alphatalker uses an icon-based database to store vocabulary. By selecting various icons in a certain sequence, I can access different words. This vocabulary database is known as Minspeak.

Throughout my life, I have had different communication devices as technology has evolved and improved. However, all of my communication devices have used Minspeak.

The company Semantic Compaction Systems, Inc., USA, who owns Minspeak, have graciously given me permission to label myself as the Minspeaker.   

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I have noticed that you swap between the terms "disabled/disability" and "impaired/impairment," why do you do this?

Medically speaking, the terms "impaired/impairment," are more accurate. However, I have grown up in a culture where the terms "disabled/disability," are considered to be politically correct in describing my cerebral palsy. For this reason, I use the terms "disabled/disability" out of habit. The truth is the reality of my situation is not going to change just because I use different terminology to describe it.